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Glad you stopped by! My name is Tamara Leigh, and I’ve been published since my first medieval romance was released by Bantam Doubleday Dell in 1994. In 2006, following the publication of 7 medieval romances in the general market, I made the somewhat frightening leap to the inspirational market. In 2012, after the publication of 7 inspirational contemporary romances, I returned to my love of the Middle Ages with the release of the inspirational time travel, DREAMSPELL You can learn more about me and my books here on my site and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Last month, my 36th book released. Here’s the back cover copy of NAMELESS: Book Three in the Age of Conquest series: 




Born of scandal, Sir Dougray of the family D’Argent defies his illegitimacy by championing the oppressed—until the prospect of winning the hand of a lady persuades him to join the Duke of Normandy in conquering Saxon-ruled England. When an injury sustained at the Battle of Hastings causes the woman he loves to reject him, an embittered Dougray turns his efforts to uprooting Saxons resistant to their new king. But among those he must bring to heel is Em, an escaped slave-turned-rebel whose suffering at the hands of a fellow Norman tempts him to reclaim the man he was before he betrayed his conscience. And captivates him though he vowed never again to fall prey to a woman. Might yet another D’Argent warrior take a Saxon bride? Or will the one who made a possession of Em destroy what remains of her?



Forced into slavery to ensure her siblings’ survival following the Norman invasion, Em escapes her abusive master and joins the Saxon resistance. Now trained in the ways of the warrior, she is determined to never again suffer the depravity of men. And will not, providing she can stay ahead of the one intent on recovering his property—and the usurping King William’s warrior scout, Sir Dougray, who also seeks to capture her. But when he appoints himself Em’s savior, thwarting an attempt to once more enslave her, she glimpses an honorable man beyond the conqueror and begins to feel that which is forbidden enemies—worse, forbidden one as ruined as she. Or so she believes until his kiss more thrills than frightens. And threatens to break a heart she would not have believed capable of being touched by a Norman.



In 2011, after 18 years and 14 traditionally published novels with Bantam, HarperCollins, and RandomHouse, I longed to return to writing medieval romance which publishers didn’t believe would sell well in the inspirational market. Thus, I went indie and, in 2012, released DREAMSPELL: A Medieval Time Travel Romance. That was 7 years and 22 independently published novels ago. Though being indie requires a lot of work, I’ve never enjoyed writing more. So how do I spend my writing days? Here’s one of my busier days (AKA: pre-launch): 


  3:30  Absolutely not! Your fav Starbucks doesn’t open for an hour and a half.

  4:15  Ah well, dozing is better than not. Up and at ‘em!

  5:00  Hello, fav Starbucks! It’s PSL season, so fuel me up—and make it extra hot.

  5:15  Administrative: email, accounting, social media, model hunt for new SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT covers.

  6:45  Breakfast! Make mine a Spinach Feta Wrap.

  7:00  Upload NAMELESS: Book III all venues to check interior formatting of HEARTLESS: Book IV Excerpt.

  7:30  Proof audiobook of NAMELESS: Book III (target: 3 chapters).

  9:15  Type in and edit yesterday’s handwritten pages.

11:00  Drive home.

11:15  Good morning hubby. Good morning pups. Let’s go for a walk!

12:00  Write next scene of HEARTLESS: Book IV.

  4:00  Forgot to eat lunch, but cheese and crackers will hold me over.

  4:05  Walk pups and FaceTime with Sky in Paris.

  4:20  Elliptical workout. Ugh.

  6:00  Feed pups and make people food.

  6:45  Dinner with hubby and youngest son who accepted invitation to stay for Lemon Oregano Chicken Bowls.

  7:30  Watch an episode of current fav show with hubby (yeah, I also checked email and made a couple memes).

  8:30  Proof audiobook of NAMELESS: Book III (target: 4 chapters).

10:15  Closing it down.

  3:30  Not again! Starbucks doesn’t open for an hour and a half. Sigh…


Here’s the Stop #12 Skinny:

If you’re interested, you can order NAMELESS: Book Three (Age of Conquest) at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo or your local bookstore.

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