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THE FEUD: Book Three ~ A Medieval Romance

Copyright: Tamara Leigh, 2015     Ebook ISBN:  978-1-942326-21-2    Ebook ASIN: B01JE4GMV8


England, 1308. Boursier, De Arell, Verdun—three noblemen who secretly gather to ally against their treacherous lord. Though each is elevated to a baron in his own right and given a portion of his lord’s lands, jealousy and reprisal lead to a twenty-five-year feud, pitting family against family, passing father to son.


England, 1333. When Lady Quintin Boursier leads an army against the Baron of Blackwood to demand the release of her abducted brother, she finds the same fate awaits her. Now she must free herself and discover where Griffin de Arell holds her brother before her family’s lands are forfeited. But as the long winter nights unfold and those prowling the black wood move the feud nearer its deadly end, Quintin realizes she may have wronged her captor. And he is as much a captive to her—she whose secret will spoil the prize others seek to make of a woman no man should want.



Baron Griffin de Arell protects those who belong to him, and now that the tempest who dared put a blade to his throat is his, he intends to protect her—if only from herself. However, Quintin Boursier yet has games to play. Though Griffin resists her wiles, when it appears her family’s lands are forfeited, a glimpse of her woman’s heart tempts him to make the lady his in truth. Now with the enemy responsible for inciting the feud determined to claim her as his prize, Griffin must join his grudging allies in bringing peace to their lands and protecting the woman who first set herself at his walls—then his warrior’s heart.


Join Griffin and Quintin in the third and final book in this best-selling medieval romance series as the Boursiers, De Arells, and Verduns seek the light at the end of their long, dark feud.

NOTE TO READERS: Welcome to the third book in The Feud series. As with all series shouldering an overarching plot, there will be some redundancy in storytelling. This is to orient the reader who read the first books months or years earlier and to ground the reader who enters the series out of sequence, allowing each story to stand alone. Of added benefit, pivotal events are experienced from a different—often more informed—point of view.

In Baron Of Blackwood, the love story begins the day Lady Quintin Boursier first encounters Baron Griffin de Arell when she rides on his castle to demand the release of her brother. This event falls four days after the abduction of Bayard Boursier in Baron Of Godsmere. Since my stories are—above all and wondrously so—romances, the first half of Baron Of Blackwood focuses on the developing relationship between Quintin and Griffin. Why did she draw a dagger on him? Why did he refuse to allow her to return to Godsmere with her brother? And what about Lady Thomasin’s observation of how often they did not kiss when they clearly wished to? Now there’s quite the tale…


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